Feb 232007

For those of you who may not understand how deeply my passion for the goatee is, I present to you my bio from We Won’t Pay!  We Won’t Pay!

Michael McGreevy’s goatee is making it’s first appearance on the Jobsite stage in We Won’t Pay! While on his face during MAXWELL: A New Rock Musical by Joe Popp, it was hidden in a bloated, full beard. Since that time the goatee has gone through rigorous personal training and trimmed down to its current svelte form. Unfortunately, despite being attached to his face, Mr. McGreevy has not been able to include his goatee in a show with Jobsite since. It was too masculine for Cloud 9, too clean cut for Delusion of Darkness, too modern for Machinal, and too suave for The Boys Next Door. The goatee was also excluded from Playing With Fire: After Frankenstein because Victor apparently neglected to include hair follicles in his creation. Mr. McGreevy is excited to be introducing his goatee to the Jobsite audiences, and he hopes that they can appreciate the sheer magnificence of it.
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