Feb 162007

So on Wednesday my co-worker and I got emails saying that we needed to be in the office on Thursday to discuss a new project.  Not terribly unusual at all, and we frequently get away with only working from home two days a week (sometimes less) so no real reason to bitch about it.  I rolled in a little late, but other than that things seemed like your pretty typical morning.

That changed fairly early on.

Two employees in our section of the company had their positions terminated yesterday because the department is being restructured and their jobs aren’t needed anymore.   I went out for a break and came back to find my co-worker gone.  Got the word on what happened a few minutes later, and was pretty much in shock.

Of course, there was more shock when shortly after that I was offered a management position.

Basically, I’m going to be the person who would have been my boss had that position existed before yesterday and we’re hiring someone to take my place. 

It’s a very exciting time for me, but kinda scary too.  My job is mostly going to stay the same, with a little less programming and a little more paperwork, but I’ll have that “title” over my head.  I also don’t get to work at home as much any more.  As of next week I’ll be working in the office three days a week, and after we hire the new person I’ll be in 4. 

I’m also exempt now.  No overtime for me!

The sobering moment yesterday was when my first new task as a manager was to go through the desk of my former co-worker and see if she left any personal items that needed to be returned to her.

I’ve gone through several people’s possessions after they have died.  This was pretty similar.

Oh, and last night?  I was up 4/10th of a pound again, and last week I didn’t even use all of my flex points.

Very, very, very frustrated on that end…but I’m not giving up – no matter how much I want to sometimes.  Going to keep my focus and break this plateau if it kills me.

Ok, off to get ready for work.  Later gang.

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