Feb 092007

So…why am I angry about the fact that I put on a pound this week?

It’s a valid question.  One would assume that I really wouldn’t be surprised by a weight gain.  Generally speaking we know when we’re going to gain/lose weight and honestly shoulnd’t be surprised when we see ugly numbers on the scale.

But that’s the whole point.  I’ve been really good recently.  My muscles are sore from the exercise I’ve been doing.  I’ve been journaling everything.  With the exception of the Super Bowl party at Rafe and Kim’s (which all was healthy food, even if there was a whole bunch of it) it was a textbook weight watchers week.

Yet I had a gain.

Is it likely that it’s muscle again?  Yes, it is.  Are there things I could have done differently/better?  Yes, there are.

Does any of this make me less pissed about the gain?

No, it does not.

The most I can do at this point is keeping doing what I’ve been doing and hope for better results next week.  I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I was anything other than frustrated, though.

In other news….

I may start having to come into the office much more regularly.  As a result of that, I’m thinking of taking the balance of the money I made last weekend doing a side job (the bulk went towards repaying a debt) and getting a new stereo for the car.  The current one doesn’t have a working LCD and the speakers are blown to hell.  If I’m going to spend a lot of time in the car, I need to have some good tunes.  I’m seriously contemplating an XM enabled radio so I can get some talk radio that isn’t Rush Limbaugh or any of clones.

Thinking a lot about school recently, and the need to get back into it and work towards my B.A.  I’ve pretty much made up my mind on getting a “General Business” degree from USF.  I could do so from any number of schools, most of them online, but I like the thought of going local to be honest.  Unfortunately, because my A.A. is just a “liberal arts” degree I’m going to have to take some more classes before I can apply to the college.  All told, it looks like I’m going to have to take NINE more classes before I can apply to the school.


Should have made up my mind sooner.  Not that it really matters.  I can still get the classes done at SPC even though I already have a degree.

My current plan is to take 3 classes a term for the next three terms (starting in the Summer) and apply for the Fall 2008 term at USF.  From there, another 60-66 hours of classes.


With fun names like “Financial Accounting” and “Principles of Macroeconomics.”

You don’t get much more fun than that, gang.

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