Feb 042007

“Just go out and bang some dude” is one of the phrases that you will never hear a psychiatrist say. Other such phrases include “I think heroin is doing you a lot of good,” and “jesus, no WONDER your Mother never loved you.”

Questionable Content Number 809 : Devil’ Advocate, J. Jacques

I could write a whole big post about how certain people I know need to get a whole shitload of counsellings with a side helping of electro-shock therapy, but I really don’t have the energy for it right.

Boo for weekends being eaten by work.

Yay for extra money!

Gotta do what ya gotta do to pay the bills ya know. Alex is going to need new equipment for baseball this season as well, which should eat up a good chunk of what I’m making.

Easy come, easy go.

Super bowl tonight at Rafe and Kim’s is looking less likely, again due to the fact that I’ve got more coding to do and am facing a huge pile of ugly laundry. More’s the pity. On the plus side, that should help to keep me from eating a whole crapload of bad food.

And on that note, the download I was waiting on is done. Back to work.

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