Feb 012007

Here we are, fist of the month.  Montly batch processing is going on now, after a very long two hour meeting at corporate HQ this morning.  Big stuff coming down the pipe, that is probably going to become the bulk of my professional life until August.  My boss, in talking to me about this, related a story of a similar change that happened at his former employer.  “We stayed up for three days straight,” he said.  “We had food ordered in and just got it all done.  It was fun.”

“I do not think that word means what you think it means,” I replied.

I hope nothing as drastic as that happens, but you never know.  Fortunately, it is not likely to interfere with my Dragon*Con plans.  Earlier this morning it looked like it was going to, as this project will end around Labor Day weekend.  Fortunately, though, we’re shooting to have our part finished a month prior to that and should have no major tasks to accomplish from that point on. 

Thanks to 

and the manager of the box office at TBPAC we got out tickets exchanged for the Tuesday night showing of Spamalot.  We were in seats with a “partially obstructed” view, but we were very close to the stage and really only missed out on seeing one or two things in the production.  I thought it was excellent.  Krys is a little less flowing with the praise, but I think overall she enjoyed it.  I was especially impressed with the woman playing The Lady of the Lake, and actually felt that vocally she was better than the woman from the original cast recording.

Other than that, though, it’s been a pretty crappy week – and I’m feeling it today.  My mood is matching the weather outside, which is particularly nasty at the moment.  I’d be looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but I promised the person I occasionally contract for on the side that I’d get some work done for her this weekend, so I’ll probably be feet first into that on Saturday morning and spend most of my day doing it. 


I really need to get more sleep before I come into the office.  Being worn out definitely doesn’t help my mood.

Oh well, two hours to go here.  Got a few things to wrap up on the batch job, then I need to get some work done on another project.  Have fun out there, gang.

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