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Feb 272007

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Feb 242007

Ok…the fates have now warned me that leaving the house again today would be a bad idea.

First off, today was the opening day of Alex’s new baseball season. I got to the field a little later than I was planning to, because I had to stop and pick up some two liters of soda for the opening day festivities. When I got there, I saw my ex-wife sitting on the ground next to what I initially thought from a distance was one of my nieces in a chair. It turned out to be my son, bent over in half and holding an ice pack to his face.

He took a baseball to the eye during the pre-game warm up. Pretty nasty shot, too. He’s got a slight cut over his left eye and a healthy bruise forming underneath it. Fortunately it doesn’t look like anything was broken or that any damage was done to the eye, but he was in a good deal of pain and sat out most of the game. He did manage to play outfield in one inning (and got a great stop), but he couldn’t see well enough to bat (due to the swelling).

So that sucked. I left the field and went to Publix. Got some foods. Everything going well. Was backing out of the parking space to head home.


Got into a collision with another car that was backing out at the same time. Pretty minor damage to my car, really. The driver of the other one took a bigger hit. Neither of us was at fault, according to the officers who came and filed the report.


Yep…Not leaving the house again today. It’s safe here.

Feb 232007

For those of you who may not understand how deeply my passion for the goatee is, I present to you my bio from We Won’t Pay!  We Won’t Pay!

Michael McGreevy’s goatee is making it’s first appearance on the Jobsite stage in We Won’t Pay! While on his face during MAXWELL: A New Rock Musical by Joe Popp, it was hidden in a bloated, full beard. Since that time the goatee has gone through rigorous personal training and trimmed down to its current svelte form. Unfortunately, despite being attached to his face, Mr. McGreevy has not been able to include his goatee in a show with Jobsite since. It was too masculine for Cloud 9, too clean cut for Delusion of Darkness, too modern for Machinal, and too suave for The Boys Next Door. The goatee was also excluded from Playing With Fire: After Frankenstein because Victor apparently neglected to include hair follicles in his creation. Mr. McGreevy is excited to be introducing his goatee to the Jobsite audiences, and he hopes that they can appreciate the sheer magnificence of it.
Feb 232007

Weight Tracking Summary

Your current weight | 279.6 lb 
Weight change since your last recorded weight | -4.2 lb 
Total weight change to date | -139.6 lb 

52 pounds in 52 Weeks
Week 6 Goal : -8 pounds
Week 6 Total : -6.8 pounds
Difference : -1.2 pounds

Hooray for breaking out of a rut.  So what did I do differently this week?  I really focused in on making sure I got all the “healthy living” guidelines in every day.  The Flash enabled points tracking tool on the eTools site has these little check marks that will give you a smiley face if you fill in enough of them.  I really focused on making sure I got all my smilies in, and with the exception of last Thursday I did so.  Obviously, the results paid off.  I figure if I really buckle down I can possibly get back on target with my 52 pound goal for the year (2.2 pounds this week…I think it’s doable). 

So I went to the dermatologist earlier this week.  Some of you who have seen me recently have probably noticed that I shaved my goatee.  Those of youwho saw me right after I shaved it (the night we went to see All the Great Books, Abridged).  Saw the reason why.  The goatee was literally tearing my face apart, and the skin underneath it was red and horribly flaky.  I started shaving and putting lotion on it, which helped, but if I let it grow back at all it would get red and start flaking again.   As I damn well love my goatee, this was not acceptable.  I’ve also been dealing with some crap on my hands and elbows for a long time now, and figured it was time to get it all knocked out.  Turns out that on top of my roseacea, I have Seborrheic dermatitis.  Because, you know, my face wasn’t enough of a pain in the ass to begin with.  So to treat this I am now using a rotation of three different dandruff shampoos, oral medication, and four different creams/gels. 

Fortunately it seems to be working.  Kind of a pain in the ass that my bathroom routine is now about 30 to 45 minutes long.  I’m going to spend a few more days shaving and applying the creams to the areas that got really bad, then trying growing the old goatee out again.

Because damn I miss it.

Definitely can feel and see the muscles starting to tone up again, so that’s a good thing too.

Hooray, healthy!