Jan 272007

So, as I was sitting here cleaning my desk and kind of ramping up to get some things done before going to see Spamalot tonight, I decided to get out the tickets to see what time the show started.  I was assuming 8, but you never know, right?

Somehow or other we got tickets for the 2PM show.

Krys is out getting her hair cut and getting something to wear for tonight.  I’ve tried to call her several times, but either her phone is off or not on her.  I’m showered and ready to go, have gas in the car, and have dropped Alex off…but out window for making it there before curtain is very rapidly closing. 

Our only option if we don’t make it to the 2PM show is to go to another show 15 minutes before curtain and hope they have some seats available that they can exchange for us at a cost (minor one, really).  Thing is, the show is pretty much sold out – and from what they told me over the phone they dont’ even release the Will Call tickets on the off chance that the ticket holders show up before intermission and want to see the last half of the show.

David – If you read this, give me a call.

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