Jan 232007

So last weekend, during my slightly crappy vacation (that’s another post), I had the pleasure of seeing the latest offering from Jobsite, All The Great Books (Abridged)

It was truly one of the highlights of an otherwise lackluster (and pain ridden week).

Seriously.  The show runs for one more weekend, and I realize that I frequently say that the shows from Jobsite are must-see shows, but that’s because they ARE.  There is really some quality stuff going on right under your noses here, folks, and you’re really doing yourself a disservice if you don’t at least check them out once. 

This show would be a great first opportunity to do so.

Don’t see yourself as the theater type?  Fine.  Don’t think of this as theater.  Think of it as 2 hours of comedy, with a healthy amount of improvisation thrown in the mix (I know for a fact that the performance I saw had a few “additions” that were unscripted, could never have been planned, and had us almost falling out of our seats from laughing so hard).  David, Jason and Shawn are as tight as any three comedians can be – I mean, hell…they’ve been doing these shows for six years now.  It’s the kind of timing and comfort you see from the veteran cast members of Whoose Line Is It, Anyway? 

The script itself is inspired – The crew behind the production promote it to a whole new level of hilarity.  I have seen every show the “Bad Boys of Abridgement” have put on, and every time I’ve laughed my ass off – even when seeing the same show multiple times.

Do yourself a favor this weekend.  Get some dinner at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company, then catch All The Great Books (Abridged).  You won’t be sorry (ok…you will if a guy named Kevin G is your waiter at TBBC…but that’s another post as well). 

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