Jan 052007

Your current weight | 284 lb
Weight change since your last recorded weight | -2.2 lb
Total weight change to date | -135.2 lb

2007 Goal | 52 pounds in 52 weeks
Week 1 Goal | -1 lb
Week 1 Total | -2.2 lb

So…as I hinted last week, I’ve set myself a goal for 2007. A goal I consider not only to be realistic, but fairly easy to achieve. I want to lose 52 pounds this year. One pound a week. Some weeks, obviously, I’ll lose more…some weeks less…but by the end of the year I want to be down 52 pounds from where I was at the beginning of it. I’m tired of this crap. Tried on some size 40 jeans yesterday, and they didn’t come anywhere near fitting me. I was easily wearing size 40 when I was at my lowest point, and when I meet my goal this year I will be exactly back at that point again (232 pounds is the lowest weight I’ve hit on program – just 7 pounds away from my personal weight loss goal of 225 pounds).

This week was a good week. I followed program exactly. Never went over on my points, journaled everything, got exercise in – the works. I started working out with Yourself Fitness again as well (and am very disappointed in how much I’ve slid from where I was with her just six months ago).

All week long I’ve kept repeating, in my head – “52 pounds in 52 weeks.” It seemed to help. This little catch phrase/goal may be just what I needed.

I’m not posting any pictures yet. Frankly, at this point, I’m embarrassed to do so. I know I don’t look as good, physically, as I did the last time I posted them. Not going to do that to my ego as of this point.

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