Jan 052007

Ok, gang…I’m gonna post a link to this one more time. I’ve rallied a lot about getting out to support local theater in Tampa, and I realize that to some of you the cost may be prohibitive. I would argue that the shows at Jobsite, for what you get, are an incredible deal but that’s neither here nor there. You now have a chance to get FREE tickets to see their latest show, and it’s one that is almost certain to sell out after opening weekend is done. The “Abridged” shows are always crowd pleasers.

All you gotta do is click the link and leave a comment with your favorite moment from an Abridged show. Never seen one? Just comment on what you think the greatest novel of all time is and why.

My family and I will be seeing the show on the 12th (Friday), and if you win the tickets you can go see the show that night as well.

Seriously. Free. Freeeeeeee. Just click and comment.

What more do you people need????

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