Jan 032007

Nothing say “Today is gonna be AWESOME” like waking up to find dried cat puke on your office chair first thing in the morning. No idea how long it actually sat there, but it was old enough that I had to get out the 409 and scrub to get it all off.

Bill is still improving. I didn’t hear anything from Jody about him yesterday, but Alex talked to her and she gave him the whole lowdown. She told him about how it was related to his diabetes and why it was so important that he take care of himself in that regard. I can only assume that means he’s doing well enough that she’s not afraid Alex is going to freak out over him dying and it being diabetes related. Speaking of diabetes, Canadian scientists have cured it in mice. Like, overnight even.

In the “WTF??” department, Scott Kurtz of PVP online started a storyline today that smacks a bit too much like Ctrl+Alt+Del‘s Winter-Een-Mas. Right down to wearing a controller as decoration. I’m hoping this is some kind of self-referential dig, especially considering that the characters in PVP tend to break the fourth wall often in that regard. If not…I dunno. I guess I’ll just be really disappointed. Kurtz gets a lot of shit from the internet community, but he’s always seemed like he was a genuinely good guy to me. I’d hate to think he was starting to show some of the “big man in comics” arrogance his detractors accuse him of, and ripping off ideas from other comics would definitely fall into that category.

Yesterday was a big ball of suck at work, but in retrospect it was surprisingly entertaining. Frustrating as hell, sure, but it made the first half of the day fly by. Got off a little early so I could swing by Omaha Steaks and cash in the $100 gift certificate my Mom gave us for Christmas. Picked up a pretty standard package that included some steaks, burgers, hot dogs, pork chops, chicken breasts, and potatoes au gratin, then added on a bag of Tortilla Crusted Tilapia. We got one of those the last time Mom gave us a gift certificate, and they were damned tasty. All in all, pretty good stuff from that place, but considering the distance I have to go to get there and the fact that it’s “gourmet” prices it’s not some place I’d start shopping regularly.

But $100 of free meats is $100 of free meats, ya know?

Locally, it’s time once again for me to put on my shilling hat. Jobsite is getting ready to open All The Great Books (Abridged). Yep, the “Bad Boys” of abridgment are back again, having tackled Shakespeare, The Bible, and American History they are now moving on to books. Amazingly enough, this might actually mean they’ve taken some time to read one or two. Who’d have thought it, huh? They must have found some way to completely eliminate sleep from their lives. In any case, I have yet to leave an “Abridged” without being completely sore from laughing so hard, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with for this one. These guys give a whole new twist to the Abridged plays, making each one their own. Even if you’ve seen this play before, the Jobsite crew promises to give you a truly unique (and, most certainly, a much funnier) experience.

Get yer asses out there and buy tickets before the monkeys start flinging poo, damnit!

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