Jan 272007

So we didn’t make it to the show on time. I put in a call to maladr1n to see if there was any way the Center could help us maybe see another show, and we decided to go out to dinner instead. Despite the bummer aspects of the day, we had a delightful meal together and went to goof off at some bookstores and blow gift certificates.

When I got home, I had an email comment waiting from D – he thinks he might be able to get us into one of the non-sold out shows (as apparently there are several).

It’s nice to have friends with connections – especially friends that rock as much as D.

So I got to spend a nice night out with K. and we still might get to see Spamalot.

Not too shabby there, my friends.

Jan 272007

So, as I was sitting here cleaning my desk and kind of ramping up to get some things done before going to see Spamalot tonight, I decided to get out the tickets to see what time the show started.  I was assuming 8, but you never know, right?

Somehow or other we got tickets for the 2PM show.

Krys is out getting her hair cut and getting something to wear for tonight.  I’ve tried to call her several times, but either her phone is off or not on her.  I’m showered and ready to go, have gas in the car, and have dropped Alex off…but out window for making it there before curtain is very rapidly closing. 

Our only option if we don’t make it to the 2PM show is to go to another show 15 minutes before curtain and hope they have some seats available that they can exchange for us at a cost (minor one, really).  Thing is, the show is pretty much sold out – and from what they told me over the phone they dont’ even release the Will Call tickets on the off chance that the ticket holders show up before intermission and want to see the last half of the show.

David – If you read this, give me a call.

Jan 262007


It’s been a while since I’ve actually updated this here beastie.  I suppose I’m long overdue.

The problem is that I don’t really know what to say.

I was on vacation last week, and while it wasn’t supposed to be actually thrilling to begin with it was made even more lame by the fact that I hurt my back helping move furniture at my Mother’s house on Saturday.  I spent the large majority of my vacation in pain (I didn’t really get back to being able to move around “normally” until Friday).  This gave me the perfect excuse to spend most of my time playing the World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusade, but it didn’t do much for getting stuff done around my house (Christmas decorations are still up…and frankly many areas of the house need a good deep cleaning).

I’ve been having a great time in the new expansion, but a lot of it has been solo.  As was expected, everyone in guild is levelling at their own pace.  Some folks are checking out the new low-level content.  Some folks are leveling multiple characters into the new endgame at the same time.  Some people just haven’t been able to play that much.  I’m about half way through 65 now, and I’ve only been able to run the first two new dungeons in the Outland from beginning to end. 

I must admit, though, that I’m having a great time with the new stuff.  I’m NOT power leveling myself, or grinding, despite what it may appear…I stop to read every quest.  I go fishing.  I explore areas to reveal the map.  I hardly ever kill anything unless it’s for a quest, but the xp just rolls in.  It’s REALLY well designed, and I’m incredibly pleased as a customer. 

I AM looking forward to us all getting to level 70 and hitting the new raid dungeons, but I can wait a few months for that.

Bah…gotta go soon.  Not like this is the most interesting post or anything.

Apathy, thy name is Critus.

Jan 262007
Your current weight | 282 lb 
Weight change since your last recorded weight | -1.8 lb 
Total weight change to date | -137.2 lb 

Wow…look at that.  I can cut and paste a table into this WYSIWYG editor.  Nifty.

52 pounds in 52 Weeks
Week 4 Goal : -4 pounds
Week 4 Total : -4.2 pounds

Right on track.

Currently sitting upstairs while my co-workers eat pizza.  Yep.  Trying to be good.

More later.

Jan 232007

So last weekend, during my slightly crappy vacation (that’s another post), I had the pleasure of seeing the latest offering from Jobsite, All The Great Books (Abridged)

It was truly one of the highlights of an otherwise lackluster (and pain ridden week).

Seriously.  The show runs for one more weekend, and I realize that I frequently say that the shows from Jobsite are must-see shows, but that’s because they ARE.  There is really some quality stuff going on right under your noses here, folks, and you’re really doing yourself a disservice if you don’t at least check them out once. 

This show would be a great first opportunity to do so.

Don’t see yourself as the theater type?  Fine.  Don’t think of this as theater.  Think of it as 2 hours of comedy, with a healthy amount of improvisation thrown in the mix (I know for a fact that the performance I saw had a few “additions” that were unscripted, could never have been planned, and had us almost falling out of our seats from laughing so hard).  David, Jason and Shawn are as tight as any three comedians can be – I mean, hell…they’ve been doing these shows for six years now.  It’s the kind of timing and comfort you see from the veteran cast members of Whoose Line Is It, Anyway? 

The script itself is inspired – The crew behind the production promote it to a whole new level of hilarity.  I have seen every show the “Bad Boys of Abridgement” have put on, and every time I’ve laughed my ass off – even when seeing the same show multiple times.

Do yourself a favor this weekend.  Get some dinner at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company, then catch All The Great Books (Abridged).  You won’t be sorry (ok…you will if a guy named Kevin G is your waiter at TBBC…but that’s another post as well). 

Jan 192007

Your current weight | 283.8 lb
Weight change since your last recorded weight | +1.8 lb
Total weight change to date | -135.4 lb

It’s a bummer, but it isn’t a surprise. I hurt my back last Saturday helping move some furniture at my Mother’s house, and have really only been able to get around without it hurting today. Didn’t get any exercise in this week at all, and of course being bummed out and in pain didn’t put me in the best of mindsets for eating well.

52 pounds in 52 Weeks
Week 3 Goal | – 3 pounds
Week 3 Total | – 2.4 pounds

Jan 052007

Due to the fact that we have no vaction planned for this year (outside of Dragon*Con, which will not be five consecutive business days), I have scheduled my vacation to begin next Friday…

…so I’ll be home and free to game during the World of Warcraft : Burning Crusade release week.

Yep. Sad.

Due to this fact, though, I may end up hitting the local Super Wal-Mart at the release on Tuesday so I’m not waiting until Wednesday to receive my copy in the mail.


I might not be THAT sad.

Jan 052007

billified continues to improve daily. He’s still in ICU, and he’s still got a tube down his throat, but he’s communicating now and slowly getting over the illness that landed him there in the first place.