Nov 152006

K. is home, with her gall bladder intact. The doctor (who I wrote about before) and the surgeon have decided that it’s too soon to take out her gall bladder, and that she needs to follow up with her Primary Care Physician and see a G.I. In the meantime, they gave her a prescription for the equivalent of Prilosec OTC and sent her home.

Yeah, it’s the old “take two asprin and call me in the morning” routine.

I find it incredibly difficult to comprehend how the ER Doctor could be so utterly convinced that the gall bladder needed to be removed only to have the situation pretty much blown off by the doctors on her floor. K. tried to get in touch with her current PCP to talk to him about the situation, but he never called her back – He called the nurses station to yell at them, but he never spoke to K. once. The test they gave her on her gall bladder caused her a great amount of pain. The ultrasound showed what appeared to be stones in her gall bladder. Every time she eats she gets pain. I fail to see the fucking logic in sending her home.

But that’s what they did.

Right now she’s resting. I made her a few grilled cheese sandwiches, and while they caused her some discomfort they didn’t have her writhing on the floor again.

It’s hard to imagine why the situation played out the way it did – all I know is she’s still hurting, that she hurt worse than I’ve ever seen her hurt the other night, and they are basically giving her drugs that indicate it was gas.


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