Nov 142006

Nothing really new to report. They gave K. something to agitate her gall bladder so they could run some tests, which brought the pain from last night back again. As of yet, they have not given her anything for that pain – Nor have they fed her. I suspect that has something to do with waiting for the results or some such, but that isn’t any comfort to her at the moment. Her neighbor is an old woman who, when I was there, was talking about her diarrhea on the phone and insists on listening to the television at incredibly loud levels. Typical stuff you’d expect, too. Home Shopping Network, true crime stories, and some sort of show on the food network – Which certainly isn’t helping the fact that K. is starving right about now.

She’s miserable, but I did manage to get the dial up internet connection through our service provider working, so she’s at least going to be able to reconnect to the internet and (hopefully) get her mind off of things for a while.

Still no word on when they are actually going to do the operation or when she’ll be home.

Thanks for all the kind words in the previous post. She will see them, and hopefully it will help ease her mind or make her feel a bit better.

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