Nov 022006

In the interest of not fading completely out of the public eye, I figured I’d take a few mintues to jot down an update here. I wish I could say there was a ton of interesting things going on, but frankly there isn’t. It’s mostly kind of blah.

We’re supposed to be having a garage sale this weekend, but I have a feeling it’s not going to happen. We’ve gone through an insane amount of crap recently, but there is still more to go through and I’m fairly certain it’s not going to get done today. As soon as I’m done with work we have to go to Weight Watchers (which should be fun…in the “bamboo under the fingernails” fashion…Halloween is truly a holiday created by the devil if you’re trying to lose weight) and class, and when we get home I’ll need to go to bed because tomorrow is an in-office day. Not to mention the fact that we haven’t advertised the garage sale, nor do we have signs to put up.

Some extra money would be good about now. Got the property tax bill today. Oy. The less said about that the better.

Had to give my sister the bad news that, in my opinion, the hard drive in her computer took a dump. I’ve tried using the Recovery Disks that came with it, I’ve tried using a straight up Windows XP disk, I’ve even tried using a Windows 98 boot disk, but no matter what I do whenever files are copied on to the hard drive as part of the install I get a corrupt file error. She’s going to go out and buy a new hard drive tonight, and hopefully I’ll be able to get it installed and running for her again this weekend. I’m also going to be giving her my old laptop at some point, so that she can have a computer to do her banking on that the kids don’t have access to.

I’ve got some auctions running on Ebay. Nothing truly spectacular, though. Just a few items I wanted to get rid of that I think will sell better there than in a garage sale. I’ve already sold one (it actually sold within a few hours of listing it), but the others so far are seeing very little activity.

In work related news, had a “holy crap” moment that required me to log an hour last night, but fortunately it wasn’t my fault. I’m not sure how bad the fallout is from the situation, but as it is something that is directly communicated to our members it may end up being a Very Bad Thing. I’ve been in a holding pattern today waiting for some files from the department in question to finish my work, but so far nothing has arrived. I’m thinking it’s not a good sign, but I could be wrong. My boss doesn’t seem too overly concerned about it, but that could just be a matter of him realizing it’s out of our hands and not stressing over things beyond his control.

I leave for New Jersey next Sunday for a week of training. Really looking forward to hooking up with some of my friends in the area. Ironically, one of them is actually going to be heading down here for vacation the same day I come home. As he’s going to be knee deep in final rehearsals for a ballet he’s doing tech for, we might not get to hook up while I’m in the area at all.

When I was talking to him about my upcoming trip, he let me know that his relationship of eight years ended in July. That was a bit of a shocker to say the least. I didn’t get many details from him about it (he wants them shared over drinks and face to face), but I can tell it was pretty hard on him. Can’t say I’m surprised. When you spend nearly 1/4 of your life with someone and have it yanked out from under you unexpectedly that tends to throw you for a loop.

Unfortunately, my trip is happening during the week that additional callbacks are happening for the remaining shows in the current Jobsite season. I also missed one due to being out of town for Dragon*Con. File these facts under “Things That Suck.”

Speaking of Jobsite, this is the final weekend for The Pillowman. I’ll be out there on Saturday night working the subscriber booth and seeing the show. From everything I’ve heard, it’s hands down one of the best productions they have ever put on. All the local newspapers gave it glowing reviews, and everyone I know who has seen it was absolutely blown away. This weekend is the final weekend, so if you’re local and you haven’t had a chance to see it I’d suggest you mosey on over to the TBPAC website and order your tickets now.

I could really, really use a deep massage right about now.

Yeah, that was kind of random.

Ah well. Back to the grind.

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