Oct 302006

Ok, so my birthday is a week from Tuesday. I’ll probably have some kind of low-key shindig on the 12th at my place to celebrate it, but I’m saving funds for the big blowout on Christmas Eve so it won’t be my standard “blow the doors out” party. In any case, if for some reason folks want to get me something (and considering how badly I suck at remembering birthdays I certainly don’t expect it), here’s some things to consider.

Get out and Vote – Seriously. My birthday is on election day, and if you want to do something nice for me you can take part in the electoral process. I’m not asking you to vote for my candidates, I’m just asking you to take part.

New Shoes! – Size 13 Chuck Taylor All-Stars preffered.

Amazon.com gift certificates – To pay for my Burning Crusade expansion.

WoW Game Cards – Because, you know, I’m an addict and shit.

Dinner at Crazy Buffet – Because I haven’t had all you can eat sushi in a looooong time.

erm…more as I think of it.

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