Aug 292006



Yeah, so anyway…Alex brought home another one of those fund raiser deals with a whole bunch of over priced merchandise. He’s all excited about selling, because the upper end prizes include an XBox 360. One of the things he can do to get bonus prizes right from the get go is have his parents fill out this book of post cards that will be sent to family and friends with solicitations for magazine subscriptions. This is where you all come in. If you have any need or interest in getting some new magazines (or renewing a current subscription), comment here with your address. There’s no commitment involved in this at all. You’re just going to receive a mailer from Alex with a booklet on magazines and a post card you can send back for a subscription if you want it.

Comments are screened, so leave your address if you don’t mind helping the wee one out.


I now have the 10 addresses I need! Thanks so much, guys!

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