Aug 272006

So…I’m home.

There is a long post in me somewhere. It’s in a safe, warm place that is nowhere near a 13 hour car ride.

I have one thing to say, though.

After the weekend I’ve had, finding out that there’s a possibility a hurricane is going to be on my front porch on Wednesday sucks major fucking donkey balls. What’s worse? If it’s going to be bad, and I’m going to have to board up for it, it’s going to require the money I have earmarked aside for Dragon*Con next weekend…Not only that, but the soonest I’ll be able to do something about it is Tuesday – Day before the storm is scheduled to hit. In other words, it will be a nightmare.


Yeah, yeah…I could have taken care of this before. But the cash wasn’t there. Now that it is, and it’s supposed to go to something FUN, a lovely hurricane wants to piss all over it.


You better keep turning, Ernesto.

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