Aug 292006



Yeah, so anyway…Alex brought home another one of those fund raiser deals with a whole bunch of over priced merchandise. He’s all excited about selling, because the upper end prizes include an XBox 360. One of the things he can do to get bonus prizes right from the get go is have his parents fill out this book of post cards that will be sent to family and friends with solicitations for magazine subscriptions. This is where you all come in. If you have any need or interest in getting some new magazines (or renewing a current subscription), comment here with your address. There’s no commitment involved in this at all. You’re just going to receive a mailer from Alex with a booklet on magazines and a post card you can send back for a subscription if you want it.

Comments are screened, so leave your address if you don’t mind helping the wee one out.


I now have the 10 addresses I need! Thanks so much, guys!

Aug 292006

So the return to Vicksburg is over and done, and I’m drinking my first cup of home brewed coffee in five days, and I’ve slept with my beloved in my arms the last two nights. All is right with the world. That being the case, I figured I’d go ahead and give the promised summary. It may not be all that interesting, but such is life…

My GOD this man can ramble.

Aug 272006

So…I’m home.

There is a long post in me somewhere. It’s in a safe, warm place that is nowhere near a 13 hour car ride.

I have one thing to say, though.

After the weekend I’ve had, finding out that there’s a possibility a hurricane is going to be on my front porch on Wednesday sucks major fucking donkey balls. What’s worse? If it’s going to be bad, and I’m going to have to board up for it, it’s going to require the money I have earmarked aside for Dragon*Con next weekend…Not only that, but the soonest I’ll be able to do something about it is Tuesday – Day before the storm is scheduled to hit. In other words, it will be a nightmare.


Yeah, yeah…I could have taken care of this before. But the cash wasn’t there. Now that it is, and it’s supposed to go to something FUN, a lovely hurricane wants to piss all over it.


You better keep turning, Ernesto.

Aug 242006

Heading to Mom’s house now. Ok, first I’m heading to 7-11 to get some much needed coffee, THEN I’m heading to Mom’s house…and it’s off to Mississippi.

I’ll probably write while on the road and blog something tonight.

Aug 192006

I’ll be leaving town on Thursday to take my sister Kim to Mississippi. Her Mother was recently diagnosed with a very advanced form of lung cancer and probably doesn’t have much time left. We’ll be back on Sunday night.

It’s going to be a rough time for all parties involved, so prayers, mojo, whatever are appreciated.