Jul 212006

Your current weight | 278.0 lbs
Weight change since your last recorded weight | +2.4 lbs
Total weight change to date | -141.2 lbs

Gah! Damn you 278! Why do you vex me so???

For those who haven’t been playing along with the home game, 278 was my last known weight before Goth Cruise. The first time I weighed in after the cruise, I was 10 pounds heavier. I strongly suspect I was higher than that during the period before I hit a scale again, as I had gotten back on program about a week before weighing in again.

That number is really, really pissing me off.

Here’s the deal, though – I know I’m making progress. I can look at the pictures I’ve been taking and very clearly see that. I’m fitting comfortably back into my size 40 jeans again, and I noticed yesterday that I was using a different catch on my belt without trying. I also know that Maya kicked it up a notch on me this week, and I’ve been exercising harder than usual. This type of thing generally is accompanied by a gain or simply maintenance.

But that damned number is still a monkey on my back.

Curse you, scale! Curse you!

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