Jun 272006

A girl who I had a crush on in my freshman year of High School was mentioned recently in a reply to a comment I made to good_eeevening. Out of curiosity I did a search for her name, not really expecting to find her.

I did.

She even has an IMDB entry.


This is the girl who, after getting my “will you go out with me” note, shared it with everyone at her lunch table and had a good laugh at my expense.

This is the girl who I had to stop [name removed to prevent him from popping up again in my life like Hastur the Unspeakable] from attacking after they got into a argument in one of our class rooms and she verbally shredded him.

She seems to be doing pretty well for herself. I looked at her resume, and she worked with some decent folks over at USF.


Wonder who else I can find?

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