Jun 162006

A few months ago I enrolled in a bi-weekly mortgage minimizer program. The first payment was supposed to come out today – half of my mortgage.

They took the whole payment.

I’m on hold right now, trying to remain calm while I wait for a customer service representative.

They completely wiped out my bank account, but have not yet overdrafted it. There are outstanding payments waiting to hit my account, however. If I don’t get this taken care of today, I’m going to be utterly and completely hosed.

The suck is mighty indeed.


Yep…I’m fucked. Even if I wanted to reverse it, they have to wait five days to process it before they can order it – Then it takes 7-10 days to get back to you.

Update the 2nd

Crisis averted for the time being. I’m blessed with some damned fine people in my life.

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