Jun 082006

“The cast of Jobsite regulars is adept at the rambunctious slapstick favored by director David Jenkins. Stevenson and Heimstead do a credible Lucy and Ethel routine, with Stevenson as the tale-spinning fireplug and Heimstead managing to sell a breathy screwball-comedy voice. Smith and McGreevy mug it up as their slightly lug-headed husbands, who are always one step behind. In his ridiculous outfits and facial hair, Holcom is pure silliness – comic relief from the comedy.” – Amanda Henry, The Tampa Tribune

Only 8 performances remain! 3 of 4 performances opening weekend sold out! Support live theater!


Whaaat? I made no promises to stop shilling this thing once it opened. Besides, if I can’t actively promote the arts in my blog what good is it? Anyway, two weekends left my friends. I think it’s a great show, and the audience has been totally digging it. But don’t listen to me OR the critics! Listen to your fellow bloggers!

“I think Jobsite put on a stellar performance, as usual. We are never disappointed in the shows, and can’t wait for Grimm, or for next season!” – draxzaster

“Awesome job…” – analmuch

“Incidentally, locals – hie thee to TBPAC and give it a look; much fun in the I Love Lucy vein” – etcet

“McGreevy’s goatee is brilliant in its long-anticipated Jobsite debut.” – xany_hellion

These are your peers, folks! Your social group! You wanna fit in and be cool like them, right? Well then go see this show!

Don’t make us get out the poo-flinging monkeys.

I’m just sayin’.

Tickets available online or by calling 813-229-STAR

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