Jun 042006

‘Pay’ comes up short by Marty Clear, St. Petersburg Times

It’s not really a bad review, after you’re done reading it. Especially compared to the title of the article. Sheesh. But yeah – he praises just about every aspect of the show (acting,directing,costumes) but spends most of his time slagging the script. Sheesh. He’s been hanging around Mark Lieb too much.


So I had an utterly bizarre dream last night. I was on a Goth Cruise, and I had my son along. We were watching a movie in a casino, and he started to feel low so we were talking about what he needed to do (and joking around a bit while doing so). Some uber-pretentious Goths sitting behind us and to the left proceeded to videotape this conversation with the intention of putting it up on the web in some kind of video montage of “assholes on the cruise” that they were planning to make. I caught wind of this, and got confrontational (i.e. I got up in the pasty while little fuckers grill and started yelling). I can’t remember if his name was Ohio or just rhymed with it, but he definitely said something that sounded like Ohio several times. Anyway, one he realized I had a good foot in height and several more in width on him he decided to go get his friends to deal with me. What friend did he end up with? spud. Needless to say, I didn’t have anything to worry about from the Brute Squad. In fact, when spud found out Alex was involved I do believe that there were threats of violence heading towards Ohio and his other half.

Was a funny dream. Made me want to go on a Goth Cruise AND hang out with spud. Hopefully we’ll be able to find some time to do so at Dragon*Con.

Which, I really need to get off my ass and start budgeting for.

I’m sore, tired and more than a little cranky. It’s been a long assed week, and there was extra drama put on top of it that I just didn’t need. One more performance, and then we have two nights off. Man, I really need it.

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