May 282006

So we’re on break during our all-day rehearsal for We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay! Been here since about 11:00 this morning, and so far it’s been a pretty decent day. Very painless tech run this morning, which is a rarity (normally they are brutal). The company got us lunch (mmm…Publix subs) and we’re running the show at 5:00. David has promised to have us out of here by 8:00, at which point I’ll decide if I’m going over to Sil and Bob’s for Mordvergence.

I’m not feeling bad, but I’m definitely tired. Drank a lot last night, but I had a really good time. Truly an awesome group of folks who were at the party.

Hangover today is very mild. Got in some water and a few asprin, so it hasn’t really been an issue.

Other than that, nothing much going on. Going to go get in my costume so David can see how it looks. Hope you’re all having a good holiday weekend.

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