Apr 302006

Oh man, I’m sore.

Yesterday was a hellish day. As you saw from my list I had a ton to do, but what you didn’t see was the fact that one of the less labor-intensive items on that list, the sink repair, turned out to be a huge nightmare of an ordeal. And why? Because I didn’t thoroughly Read The Fucking Manual. I spent all told about 4 hours wrestling with what should have been about a twenty to thirty minute repair. I missed my fucking rehearsal yesterday over this, and unless I’m mistaken I haven’t missed a rehearsal with Jobsite yet. I had Krystalle drive me to a rehearsal once after I had passed out for christ’s sake (she took me to the ER after the rehearsal). So I’m kinda bummed over losing my perfect attendance record there. Ah well. At the time I called David the water was off to my house and I was about to make my second trip to Lowe’s (3 total to repair the sink).

Lessons learned. Much like my forays into electrical work, I ended up getting the job done (and done well). It just took a hell of a lot longer than it should.

Between that and everything else we did yesterday (my list was not the household list…all four of us were pretty much going non-stop from the time we got up), I’m REALLY sore today. The house, however, looks pretty damned amazing. Better than it has looked for a long time, I can tell you that much.

Our house guests, John and Random (Banick and March from Warcraft) showed up around 10:30 last night, and so far they are pretty damned spiffy folks. etcet, aishlynn and xanyboi stayed here until around 12:30 as we all sat around and got to know each other. I think the four of us finally went to bed around 2. There were many laughs and some of our favorite tales were exchanged, as well as the consumption of my grilled turkey burgers. Good times!

Oh, and before John and Random got here, xanyboi introduced us to Apples to Apples. Holy crap what a fun game that is!

Ok..I’m off. Gonna grab some coffee and see if I can muster up the motivation to exercise before rehearsal today.

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