Apr 232006

Man oh man, I was NOT in the mood to do my workout today. Much less take a physical challenge.

Did it anyway.

Glad I did, and I feel pretty good now…but boy, that was rough. Pictures this week after weigh-in. Krys is convinced I’m going to be happy with the results, and I hope she’s right. This needs to start paying off! I have missed a total of two days working out since January 27th. When I first started, it was just walking, but I moved up to Yourself Fitness at the beginning of February and haven’t stopped since. I know there have been improvements, but with the scale refusing to play nice It’s hard sometimes to keep going.

I mean, for Fuck’s sake, I still haven’t dropped all the weight I put on during Goth Cruise.

Blah, blah, bitchycakes.

This week won’t be as hectic as last week, but it’s still going to be a pretty fun filled one. We’ve got house guests coming into town next weekend, so we’ve gotta get the place cleaned up and ready for them. I don’t have as many rehearsals this week, but I’ve got to devote some of that time to memorizing my lines. Molten Core on Monday and Wednesday night. Gotta take Advanced Drivers Instruction class at some point this week (as I have to have the certificate turned in on Friday). Yeah…gonna be a fun one!

Oh, hey..speaking of our house guests – For those of you who play WoW with us, it’s Banick and Tawa (March). They’ll be here Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, and will be staying until the following weekend. Tawa is heading down to Key West for a few days, leaving Banick here to chill with us. We’re going to head out to The Castle on Friday night, and I believe that Elizium, Chaverta and Zharajenu are going to be out as well. If you have ANY idea what I’m talking about, you might wanna show.

Hell, you might wanna show anyway. Not like we make it out to The Castle all that often anymore.

Off to skin the flesh off a chicken, then I’m gonna chill out for the rest of the night!

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