Apr 182006

Day one in the first of three hellish days schedule wise is about half way done. I’ve got about an hour to go here before I head over towards the downtown area to grab a bite to eat and go to rehearsal. Should be relatively light on me this evening, as we are blocking Act I and I’m only in the last few minutes of the act.

In those glorious few minutes, however, I shall achieve another pinnacle in my Jobsite career.

I shall have my spit-take.

I’ve died. Multiple times. I’ve said “fuck.” I’ve killed someone. I was in my skivvies (with a robe on, but still). I’ve been in (several) dream ballets. To this date, however, I have not had a spit-take. Until now.

I’m so very excited.

While it feels good to be ramping up another show, psychologically I’m still not fully prepared for the work load of the next few months. It doesn’t help that this week, the first real week of rehearsals, coincides with three consecutive days of training here at work. Just an hour and a half today, but tomorrow and Thursday are full days. Oy. Training just saps the life out of me.

In honor of the very long few days I’m looking at, I actually went to bed at a decent hour last night. For me, anyway. Got back there around 10, but probably didn’t fall asleep until 10:30 or 11. Got up promptly at 5 AM this morning and got 45 minutes in with Maya on Yourself Fitness. Speaking of which, my abs and chest are so very sore right now. I just recently pushed my workout to 45 minutes, and my recent improvements in the core body strength areas have caused Maya to “kick it up a notch” Emeril style on me. So what was getting easy is now painful again.

No pain, no gain, right?

Have a new laptop at work, which is one of the reasons why I’m being such a posty fool at the moment. I’m downloading fresh copies of all our web sites, which takes forever. It’s a pretty sweet laptop, but one thing about it is already bugging me. The docking station doesn’t work with the monitor risers that I use. Not such a big deal here, as I have plenty of desk space, but home is going to be a different story entirely. I may end up having to put the docking station under the desk where the two desktops are.

We’ll see.

Gahh…I think I just screwed up the FTP by messing with my settings.


netgoth stumbled across something on her friends list and posted about it yesterday, and I figured I’d take a moment to point you all in that direction. She even made a rare public post about it. Seems that during the recent Convergence (yearly goth convention) in New Orleans one of the attendees was attacked by another, and the attacker is currently on the run from the law. You can check out the links for yourself and see the proof if you want (Krys even called the New Orleans Police Department and got a case number to verify that it was legit). Fair warning if you go, though. The picture of her face after the attack is pretty graphic. In any case, if you have a moment pop on over and take a look. See if you know the guy in question, and if you have any information about his whereabouts contact the proper authorities. I’m not going to make any broad, sweeping statements about him or the situation – but he does have a warrant out for his arrest. The rest is up to the courts to decide.

Umm…I think that’s all I’ve got for now.

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