Apr 152006

So last night, a planned run to Upper Blackrock Spire (World of Warcraft talk here) got completely hosed. We started much later than we had originally planned, and were doing fine up until the Rend event. Somehow we pulled the balcony during that fight, though, and it wiped the party. We tried to make it back in time to clear the balcony and keep the event going, but it didn’t happen. It was about midnight at this point, and six of us decided to go into Lower Blackrock. We managed to clear to Voone before I finally said I had to get some sleep.

Translation for non-gamers beings

I stayed up way later than I should have last night playing a stupid video game.

End Translation

So, here I am, around four hours worth of sleep later. Alex spent the night here last night, and he has a baseball game this morning. That’s why I’m up. I have to have him there in a half an hour. The game runs until 10:30. I have to be in Tampa for rehearsal at 3. We have people coming over to play D&D tonight at 7.

Friggin’ whee.

Thus it begins. As of today, my life goes back into roller coaster mode…and will be that way until June 18th.

At least I don’t have to be up early tomorrow.

To emphasize the seriousness of waking me up tomorrow, I paraphrase Orin Ishi – “The price for calling my house on Sunday morning is – I take your fucking head. Just like this fucker here. So if any one of you sons of bitches…got anything to say…NOW’S THE FUCKING TIME TO DO IT.”

Ahhh…that’s funny in my head….

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