Mar 312006

A little backstory here. My boss has recently found a service that is offering to pay people to blog for their website. He’s signing up for it, and will be making about $300 a month to write about his family. He’s been encouraging me to find a subject there and write about it as well.

Boss : I’m just trying to get you some extra money every month.
Me : You should just give it to me!
B : But what lesson would that teach you?
M : Ummm…That if you’re a good person people will give you money?
B : Ok…So why would I give you money?
M : Because I’m a good person!
B : I see we’re stretching the boundaries of “good” here.
M : You should pay me for writing in my blog!
B : I already do.
M : Shuttin’ up now.


I just got the OMGWTFBBQ smackdown from my boss.

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