Mar 282006

Christ, I’m tired today. This is the net result of having a training class followed by a meeting followed by a large lunch. I just want a nap.

And so it goes.

A note to any and all tourists who may, at some point, wish to visit our beautiful state and possibly visit the holy rodent empire.

Toddlers do not like Disney World.

At all.

To a one year old, Mickey Mouse isn’t a well loved cartoon character. He’s a giant fucking rat that is going to eat your head. Riding around in a stroller in the hot Florida sun isn’t fun. Waiting for an hour and a half outside of a ride with said cranky infant is a nightmare.

Here’s a little rule of thumb to go by – If the child can’t scream “Disney World!!!” at the top of their lungs as they approach the park, leave them at home. You’re wasting your money, as neither the child nor anyone in the party with them is going to have a good time – And Disney really is a place where, for what you are spending, you damn well better have a good time.

Oh, yeah…and while I’m on the subject…Believe it or not, a Honeymoon is supposed to be a time when a newly married couple spend quality alone time together…

And have lots and lots of sex.

It’s not supposed to involve children or parents.

Sorry if I sound a little bitter, but I am. Some people need to remember that weddings are about the people being married, and need to leave their own wants and desires at home.

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