Mar 252006

So today was my fourth Physical Challenge since I started using Yourself Fitness again. The Physical Challenge is where you do a series of tests to determine how your progress is coming with the program. You do 2 minutes worth of jumping jacks to test your cardio fitness, squats to test your lower body strength, push ups to test your upper body strength, crunches to test your core strength, and a stretch to test your flexibility.

For the first time I’ve noticed some significant improvements.

For starters, my resting heart rate has gone from being about 40% of my working heart rate to over 50% of it, meaning that where two minutes of jumping jacks used to be a “moderate” level of intensity for me, it’s now considered “light.” I’m doing 10 more squats now then I was when I started, and about 7 more crunches. Unfortunately, my push up number hasn’t moved since day one (1 whopping push up, and barely one at that) and neither has my flexibility (although I attribute some of that to still having a bit much excess flesh on me to get into the full stretch). I’ve recently increased the size of the hand weights I’ve been using for my upper body workouts, though, so I hope to start seeing some improvements in that area soon.

All in all, I’m really pleased with myself and the progress I’m making. I’m starting to really see a difference both in my workouts and in my muscle definition. My arms are getting larger and more “cut” looking, and my legs (which were pretty spiffy to start with) are getting even more toned. It’s easier every day to find the motivation to do my workouts, and I’m actually on the verge of increasing some of them to 45 minutes a day (I’m doing 30 every day now).

I’m proud of myself, and I’m determined to keep this up. It’s going to be hard next month when rehearsals start for We Won’t Pay, but I’ll find a way. I’ll also have the added benefit of being physically prepared for the challenge that is going to be the rehearsal process. From everything maladr1n has indicated, this is going to be a taxing one.

Go me!

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