Mar 232006

Your current weight | 279.6 lbs
Weight change since your last recorded weight | -4.0 lbs
Total weight change to date | -139.6 lbs

1.6 pounds away from my last known weight before Goth Cruise. Whoo hoo! Still sticking with the daily Yourself Fitness routine (haven’t missed a day yet), and seeing some very positive results in the muscle/tone department.

Now…Weight Watchers is beta testing a new program in our market (and, as xanyboi said, I didn’t sign an NDA with them). Basically, if you’re a guy, you’re getting more daily points. In my case, it’s a lot more. Nine a day. This may seem like an inordinate amount (and it may turn out to be so), but…

Well, I’ll just paste what I wrote to Xany in response to his displeasure about the new plan –

I think the change makes sense. I did the math again after we left the meeting. I didn’t get another 5 points a day. I got another 9. 63 more points a week than I’m currently supposed to be eating. Truth is, though, supposed to be eating is the key there. Even when I was having nothing but success on program I quite frequently went over my weekly allotment of points. For the longest time, Friday night was my “fuck it” night. I was going out with my friends to eat every Friday, and pretty much ordering whatever I wanted. I would journal all that day, and every other day in the week, but Friday nights I ate whatever the hell I wanted – and I consistently lost weight. I’d be willing to bet that during that time period I was eating in points about what I’ll be eating on this new program.

Here’s the thing, though – It means I’m going to have to be MORE diligent than I was before. Because if I’m eating these extra 63 points every week and still going over…I’ll have issues.

You’re right, though. I think we owe it to WW and anyone who joins after us to be REALLY diligent about this new plan to make sure it’s solid.

I’m kinda jazzed about the new changes. Even when eating well, I would often deal with late night hunger (not just munchies), and have a few reasonable snacks before going to bed. This would make me feel like I cheated, and I’d get discouraged by the end of the week. So…we’ll see.

419.2 / 279.6 / 225

I’m going to do this.

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