Mar 022006

Your current weight | 286.2 lbs
Weight change since your last recorded weight | +4.6 lbs
Total weight change to date | -133.0 lbs


I’ve never been angry about a weight loss. Not in the entire five years I’ve been on program. Every time I’ve gained big, I knew I was going to. Every time I’ve been disappointedly after a week of staying on program, I’ve rolled with it. But this?

I’m pissed.

It’s irrational. I’m sure that, next week, it will even itself out to some degree…but this is infuriating. I was on program ALL WEEK. I didn’t fudge at all. I tracked everything. I exercised every day. I drank my water. I didn’t give in to temptation at Applebees when the boys had an extra cheese stick. This week was a picture perfect Weight Watchers week…and I gained almost five pounds.

I’ve been exercising harder this week, and I didn’t get a lot of water in today before weigh in. Maybe that’s it. Maybe. But still….it’s a hard pill to swallow, and I’m not doing so well.

I’ve got to keep my focus…and I will…but damn.

419.2 / 286.2 / 225

I can do this.

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