Feb 232006

Your current weight | 281.6 lbs
Weight change since your last recorded weight | -4.8 lbs
Total weight change to date | -137.6 lbs

Whoo! I was very good this week. Got all my water in, stayed within my points, and even exercised every day (after mentioning it to depotmode last week, I started using Yourself! Fitness again). Totally awesome results on the scale as a result. I still haven’t gotten down to my pre-cruise weight (3.6 pounds to go), but I’m determined to repeat my efforts this week and get the rest of them off.

New pictures later tonight (or tomorrow) for those of you on my weight loss pictures filter. Not sure if, after spending all day in a lab, netgoth will be up for touching a camera, though.

And now I eagerly await my chinese food reward!


419.2 / 281.6 / 225

You’re damned skippy I can do this.

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