Feb 162006

Ok…Something totally strange happened to me today, and to be frank nothing like it has ever happened before.

I went to lunch with my boss (Applebees! Yay Weight Watchers friendly food), which is not the strange part. I mean, my boss and I sometimes have strange conversations…but I digress…

As I was leaving, I noticed a young black woman following behind me. As is my typical custom, I held open the door for her and stepped aside. She thanked me, but didn’t walk through.

“You’re very interesting looking,” she said.

“Thank you!,” I replied.

“My name is Amy,” she said, offering her hand.

“I’m Michael,” I replied, shaking hers back. At this point, I figured she was trying to sell something or get something out of me. Her approach kind of seemed like the people who come to your door saying they have to meet people and then try to sell you magazines.

“I was watching you while you the whole time you ate,” she continued. “I just wanted you to know you are very handsome.”

I thanked her again, blushing at this point and probably stammering a bit, and she went back to her table and sat with her friends. My boss gave me some good natured ribbing as we left, and that was the extent of it.

She wasn’t particularly attractive or anything like that. It’s not like I’m sitting here going “OMG some gorgeous chick totally came on to me.” It’s just…I don’t recall EVER having someone, completely out of the blue, walk up to me and tell me I was attractive. Maybe flirt with me, but nothing that bold…that…honest? Just putting it out there becuase they wanted you to know, and not expecting anything in return.

It was…nice. I think. It really kind of weirded me out.

I’m still not used to this whole “people seeing me as attractive” thing.

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