Feb 082006

In the past, I’ve collected comics. I still have quite a few of them, but they are currently stuck in the back of one of our closets in long boxes, buried under piles of…well…stuff you put into a closet. I want to get them out of the closet, and I want to start collecting comics again…But let’s face it. Comic long boxes are huge, unwieldy, and ugly. There is no attractive way to put them in your home.

So I found these. They’re perfect, and they are exactly the kind of thing I’ve been looking for.

However…they are $200 per drawer.

Not really in my price range, ya know?

So I want to try to build something like them myself. The problem is, I have no idea how to.

Any of you done woodworking in the past? How difficult would this be?

*** Edit *** My boss rocks. I believe he’s found a much more cost effective solution for me.

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