Feb 032006

Sooo…Things I’m looking at doing in the upcoming weeks…

Tomorrow night it’s over to squarewave and zayna‘s place for birthday shennanigans. Not sure if I’m going to actually make it out to The Castle after, but I’m at least showing up to get birthday spankings in.


Sunday is Super Bowl, and it looks like an informal party has sprung up here. This is going to be a seriously “not big” deal. xanboi was talking about bringing some chicken over to throw on the grill, and I think I’m going to procure a platter of sushi from Edo. If you wanna come, think healthy as far as the food bits you may bring along are concerned.

Next weekend, I’ve got a night of Karaoke madness ahead of me on Friday. Saturday night, all things being good and well in the world, I’m going to try to catch Topdog/Underdog and Phyro-Giants!. Sunday would be a Molten Core run with our allies in World of Warcraft.

Oy. My free time is starting to look too busy!

netgoth may or may not be with me at any and all of the above, depending on her homework load. At this point, as she posted recently, most social commitments from her end are going to be a maybe with a strong leaning towards probably not.

And on that note, I’ve got a meeting to get to.

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