Jan 262006

Ok…so the results are in for the Goth Cruise weight gain.

10.6 pounds.

What’s really scary is that I got back on the ball Monday as opposed to waiting until after my weigh in. God knows how much I actually gained on the cruise.

I’m trying to be ok with it, though. I’ve refocused, and I’ve been doing good this week. I just need to keep it up.

On that note…xanyboi started a meme of sorts to help with his weight gain, and I’m going to do the same. Starting tonight, I’m going to start taking a picture of myself, once a month, in my skivvies (or damn near to them). Something I’m going to post here, under a filter, to keep me honest. These pictures aren’t going to be pretty. No good angles. No editing. Just a straight on of me in all my glory. If you’ve got images in your head of me being a hottie and want to keep them that way, I’d suggest you opt out of this filter.

But I think it’s a good idea. It’s accountability. And something to look forward to. I need little baby step things like this, I think.

*** Edit *** On another note – The meeting I went to tonight marks my 5th anniversary with Weight Watchers. Despite the setbacks of the last few years, I am still 130.6 pounds lower than I was when I started.

That’s something, anyway.

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