Dec 282005

So for Christmas this year, netgoth got me a Cuisinart Bread Machine. This was definitely a big “squee” gift for me, as I’ve wanted a bread machine for years. After reading the instruction manual thoroughly, I went to the store and got a few ingredients that I didn’t have handy around the house (they make a special flour for bread???), and set out on my new doughy adventure.

Experiment #1 involved a pre-packaged bread mix from Krusteaz – Italian Herb Bread Mix. What tripped me up on this was deciding the proper cooking time. The instructions were for 1 pound or 1 and 1/2 to 2 pound bread machines, so when I set the timer I used the 2 pound option. I think that was my big mistake. It was quite overcooked, almost burnt in places. It also didn’t rise properly. I think this may have been a result of using water that was either too hot or too cold. Even the parts that were not overcooked (the center) had an odd taste to them, though, and didn’t go really well with the olive oil I was dipping it in. Call this one a failure.

Experiment #2 was a Chocolate-Cinnamon Bread recipe that I found on the Fleischmann’s Yeast web site. I must say the results were much better. Got a decent rise out of the bread, and it wasn’t overcooked. I think the recipe itself was a bit lacking, though. The boys seemed to like it, but to me it wasn’t really sweet enough (for a dessert bread). Mind you, I didn’t make the glaze to put over it because I figured that it was going to be “bad” enough on the waist as it was.

So, to date, less than stellar results…but I think that will improve in time. As far as ease of use goes, though, this thing is GREAT. Hooray for kitchen toys!

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