Dec 172005

Ok, rare politics post here, as I’ve gotten tired of the bile that gets spewed in both directions. But I’ve gotta wonder…

President Bush authorized domestic wiretaps to be used against United States Citizens in the wake of the September 11th attacks. This is illegal, according to the laws that we are told protect us as citizens of this country. If wiretaps are to be used domestically, the law states that a warrant must be obtained. The wire tap can be put in place with no warrant, but one must be obtained within 72 hours.

This is the law as we know it.

Now, apparently, part of this secret program allows the President to circumvent the law. Funny, that. I thought that in order to have the law changed the elected representatives of the citizens had to approve or deny it.

President Clinton lied under oath, and was impeached as a result. President Bush has circumvented the Constitution and authorized an invasion of privacy on citizens in this country. Will he be impeached? Will he be charged with a crime?

No, probably not.

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