Nov 232005

Ok, last time I’ll mention the Rent thingy here, folks. Until I review it, that is.

netgoth, xanyboi, frith_lord and I will be at Applebee’s around 7:45 tonight. After dinner netgoth and frith_lord are going to split off to do their own thing and we’ll go see Rent. The movie starts at 8:45, so we are going to be cutting it close. If you guys want to show up earlier and get a table that’s totally cool.

So far, I’m aware of zayna, squarewave, alexis_wren, and prynne being the other folks for the expedition. I’d suggest, if you guys are getting there before us, you meet in front of the restaurant. squarewave is the ooky spooky bald guy with the hot red head standing next to him. Can’t miss him. 🙂

I have to go do some running around, so I’m going to grab my ticket while doing so.

See you guys tonight!

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