Nov 052005

Ok, so yesterday sucked. Got an email that pissed me off and set the day off to a crappy start first thing in the morning. Got home from work to find out the my Mother had fallen and needed to go to the hospital (five stitches in her knee because she was cut down to the bone. She’s in a brace for two weeks to keep her knee from bending). Ended up spending 4 hours in the ER (half of which was with her…which, admittedly, was nice to get a chance to talk to my Mom…but as I told her, if she wants to spend some time with me all she has to do is call). Between those things and a few other minor annoyances this weekend is off to a cruddy start.

Ok, fates! Tonight is my birthday party! You take this bad juju and shove it right up your ass!

Speaking of which – For those of you who haven’t RSVP it’s not too late to do so.

It’s a cold pizza and coffee kind of morning already.

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