Nov 012005

You know who you are!

Up for another round of “extreme physical labor” at my house?

Actually, this will be more along the lines of wanton destruction.

I’m done battling the hot tub. I’ve sunk hundreds of dollars into it, replaced electronics, replaced piping, filled and refilled and scrubbed and chlorinated. All to no avail. I fix one problem and another crops up. The electrics are all working, but now there is a massive leak that I cannot pin down. I’ve spent the last week with a small lake on my back porch.

And I’m done.

So some Saturday over the next month or so (before the Christmas Eve party, hopefully), I want to rip it out completely. The hardest part of all this is going to be getting the actual tub itself out of the porch. Unless I miss my guess, we’re going to have to pop out one of the screens to do so. Other than that, I really don’t think it will be half the effort that the fence was.

Any takers? When would you be available?

Thanks in advance.

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