Nov 232005

Ok, last time I’ll mention the Rent thingy here, folks. Until I review it, that is.

netgoth, xanyboi, frith_lord and I will be at Applebee’s around 7:45 tonight. After dinner netgoth and frith_lord are going to split off to do their own thing and we’ll go see Rent. The movie starts at 8:45, so we are going to be cutting it close. If you guys want to show up earlier and get a table that’s totally cool.

So far, I’m aware of zayna, squarewave, alexis_wren, and prynne being the other folks for the expedition. I’d suggest, if you guys are getting there before us, you meet in front of the restaurant. squarewave is the ooky spooky bald guy with the hot red head standing next to him. Can’t miss him. 🙂

I have to go do some running around, so I’m going to grab my ticket while doing so.

See you guys tonight!

Nov 222005

I think it’s very fitting that a television show that made a huge impact on the entertainment industry is doing so yet again. A group of Star Trek fans has gotten together and decided to create a fourth season of Star Trek : The Original Series. They have, so far, released two full episodes. They are doing this without the backing of a major studio, or really any kind of significant budget to speak of. They are doing it with tools that are available, really, to any of us.

They are currently working on a third episode.

The episode was written by D.C. Fontanna.

It will feature Walter Koenig.

The internet can, and will, continue to change the face of entertainment as we know it.

Check out the website here.

(discovered at the dragon_con community)

Nov 222005

I realize that several of you are over in Tampa, so my question is…
Is Park Side too far? I’m thinking of catching this showing


So I forgot about Weight Watchers. Going to a meeting tomorrow night, and should be done there by 7:30. So let’s shoot for the 8:45 show. Say meet somewhere for grub at 7:45? Like Applebees? It’s right there in the parking lot.

Lemme know.

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Nov 182005

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Nov 152005

One of the things I truly enjoy about web comics is getting the chance to watch an artist develop their skill over time. How many of us read Peanuts for years and then look back at the early stuff and can hardly recognize the characters? Comics evolve, and with the web you have the opportunity to find a lot of artists as they start and watch that evolution take place.

Take Questionable content, for example. I found this comic a while ago, and have been reading it pretty regularly since. I didn’t catch it on day one, but I did go back and read all of the comics when I had the chance.

This is the first comic, from 2003.

This one was released today.

On a side note…I think he’s really captured something in the way he draws his women, and I think they’re totally hot.

I own it.

Nov 142005

So a lot of talk has been bantered about recently in the MMO commmunity about the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons Online. I think it goes without saying that Dungeons and Dragons is near and dear to my heart. It was the first Pen and Paper RPG that I ever played, and I started when I was like 10. There have been a lot of changes to the game since then, and I haven’t played on a regular basis for years, but I still get a bit nostalgic whenever I think of it.

Now I love WoW, but there are quite a few aspects of the game that do not appeal to me at all. PVP, for one. The focus on huge raids at end game is another. The new expansion, due out sometime next year, primarily focuses on those two aspects. Outland, the new zone, is a PVP zone – regardless of what kind of server you play on. Most of the new instances (including the instances designed for smaller groups) are in this zone.

The following items are from the D&D Online FAQ.

Will I be able to solo in this game?
Solo content will be available in our game, especially at the lower levels. However, the majority of the content in DDO focuses on party-based adventures. D&D has always been about playing with a group of friends, and this will be reflected by DDO.

What will the max party size be?
The maximum party size hasn’t been determined yet, but it will most likely be six characters.

Will there be Player vs. Player (PvP) Combat?
Not at release. Cooperative gameplay has always been the main focus of Dungeons & Dragons, and it is the main focus of DDO as well.

Small groups of adventurers. No PVP.


I have a prediction – If they don’t screw up DDO I will most likely be jumping ship when it is released, unless they make some major changes to the WoW expansion. I’m sure that I’ll carry both for a while, but supporting two MMO’s when I’m only playing one really isn’t what I consider to be a fiscally responsible choice. That’s why I left City of Heroes.

Perhaps a non-pixelated update later…

Edited because it’s in the same vein…

Apparently, The Matrix Online is getting a new combat system. Our big complaint about MxO was the combat. It was horrid.


Nov 072005

I just got back from a surprise birthday dinner. netgoth let me choose a restaurant, so I picked the Maraconi Grill. The food was superb, the service was excellent, I had an operatic serenade of Happy Birthday in Italian, and I got to spend the evening with the most wonderful woman in the world.

In short, it’s one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.

And the evening isn’t over yet. 🙂

Seriously, though. The dining experience in and of itself was so great that I’m going to write a letter to the company to thank them. I know Macarnoi Grill is a chain, but if the location here in St. Petersburg is any indicator of the rest of the locations I’d highly recommend it to any of my friends.

And on a completely unrelated note to the evening, but a highly relevant one in stuff I’ve been dealing with for the last few days, I bring you a quote from today’s Something Positive.

Everyone hurts someone they care about. It’s just part of being human…One day you’ll do something that’ll hurt me, but you know what? I’ll hurt you as well. No one means to do it. It just happens. Sometimes the measure of friendship isn’t your ability to not harm but your capacity to forgive the things done to you and ask forgiveness for your own mistakes.

– R.K. Milholland, “Something Positive”