Oct 312005

So this morning, with the help of netgoth, I actually got up really early. Early enough to clean the kitchen, make breakfast, have some coffee, browse the web, and have a generally nice morning. I had my shower, shaved, and had A. up and getting ready to go to school. I was going to be to work on time.

Then, at 7:50 AM, A. drops the bomb on me. He doesn’t have his backpack, and he needs it for school. A few frenzied minutes later I rushed him out the door to get it from his Mother’s house. We get there, and the front door is locked. He goes around back, gets in the house, and spends 10 minutes or so searching around.


The mini-van isn’t there, and neither is his dog. The assumption? billified has taken the dog somewhere for a walk. I call his cell phone. Nothing. I leave him a message and take A. back to the house to eat his breakfast and wait for a ride to school. I have a talk with A. about paying attention to this stuff, but tell him that it’s nothing to get too upset over. When he gets out of the car he’s fighting back tears because he made me late for work.


Hell of a way to start the day, no?

Happy Halloween, folks. I’ve had my trick for the day already, thanks. I’d like treats from here on out.

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