Oct 252005

Shortly after we started playing this game, netgoth and I started talking about getting cross racial mounts. Neither of our mains were Forsaken, but we both thought their mounts were the coolest in the game. We did some research, and found out that in order to learn the riding skill you had to have Exalted status with the race of your choice. One of our friends at the time who had been playing since Beta informed us that this was an impossible goal, and proceeded to scoff at our dreams of having them. Well, at the time he was right. There really wasn’t a way to grind your faction to Exalted.

But the dream never died.

Then Blizzard changed the rules of the game. The cloth reputation quests were implemented, and it became possible to get another racial mount. Sure, it was a seemingly endless grind of runecloth. But it WAS possible. With a lot of hard work, time, and patience.

All of which I have.

So to our friend who said that I’d never have an undead mount, I have but one thing to say….

Editied for people properly pointing out it was cross racial not cross faction


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