Oct 252005

Still haven’t fully decided what I wanna do for the birthday this year. Would like to do the big dinner out thing, but I don’t believe finances will support that. Am thinking of perhaps having a party on the 5th, and maybe inviting the Florida Tainted Legion folks to come over and join in the festivities.

Hrm…decisions, decisions.

I did, however, get an early birthday present from netgoth today. Or I’m going to here shortly after 2PM. I do believe that there will be Warcraft related screenshots up later this evening. Glee!

And speaking of birthdays – Do any of you use event reminder software? I really hate how lax I’ve become in remembering stuff, and I’d like to use something on my computer to help with that. I refuse to use Outlook, and I don’t like the interface of the Palm software. In fact, the UI is what turns me off from most of this stuff. Almost everything I’ve encountered looks and feels like old Windows 3.1 software, and I can’t stand it. What can I say? I like aesthetics.

So I’m looking for a visually pleasing and functionally efficient event reminder program. Help a brother out?

That’s about it. Just a few random thoughts to jot down.

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