Oct 152005

So it’s been a while since I’ve made a post with any significant personal content. Figured I’d do a little thought dump here on this fine Saturday afternoon and catch all of you up on what’s been going on in my life.

Been sick since Thursday. I seem to have gotten over the worst of it at this point, but waking up is still a horrid experience. It’s like during the sleeping hours my body stops protecting me from the aches and pains of the illness so that when I wake up I’m a mass of sniffles, aches, and general bitchiness. After an hour or so I feel fine. Very odd. Sleeping a LOT too.

Maybe that’s why I’m achy. I’m sleeping too much.

Have seen some great shows recently. Caught the preview of Frankie and Johnny in the Clair De Lune a few weeks ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Much of the show reminded me of the first night I spent with netgoth, to be honest. I even cracked about that afterward. I guess you can say that, like Johnny, I’m a bit intense.

Also got to see Henry Rollins do a spoken word show earlier this week. Just…wow. This is the third time I’ve seen him do this kind of show, and he keeps getting better. The only downer of the evening was this INCREDIBLY drunk woman who was sitting behind us and making a complete ass of herself. Talking, yelling, and being generally obnoxious. She even rubbed my head at one point and asked what I was wearing under my kilt. K. finally complained to the ushers about her, and she got a “talking to.” She left not too long after that. Not sure if she was asked to or if her friends made her. I heard one of them make a comment about having to come back the next day, so I think they may have worked there and wanted to make sure their job wasn’t put at risk.

After she left, it was a joy. Especially since we got to share it with J. and etcet.

I’d talk about stuff in Warcraft, but I know most of you could care less. So it goes.

Went and had lunch with my Mom last week out at Ricky T’s, which was nice. Haven’t spent a lot of time with her recently, but with the holidays rapidly approaching I know that’s going to change.

Yay for the Fall! Party season!

A. and his baseball team have been doing great this season, winning pretty much every game they have played. I think he’s getting better personally, but he’s limited in that by the fact that he is made to play “outfield” most of the time.

Outfield – The black hole they stick you in when they don’t think you’re good enough to play a “real” position.

I can’t quite figure out how to feel about this. It makes me angry to see him relegated to those positions, but at the same time I know that if he wants to move infield he needs to practice and get better. It’s the fine line between being a protective parent and doing what is best for him as a person. I trust the coaches, though. They are good men, and they work very hard to build up the boys instead of bringing them down. So as it stands, I’ll just sit back and do what I can to help him on my own.

New coffee place up on Park Street called Jitters. Might try it out if I feel better tomorrow.

My Uncle Mike from Seattle called me the other day. Nothing major, just calling to catch up. Was nice to hear from him, and made me pine for a trip to Seattle (as talking to him always does). I’m also craving a trip out to Vegas again. One in which I didn’t have to get up at 6AM every day.

Goth Cruise can’t come soon enough. Need a vacation. A real one this time. No computers, no early morning wake ups, no house cleaning, no kids. Just friends and fun.

Oh yeah. I’m digging it.

Haven’t fully decided on what I wanna do for my birthday yet. A party of some sort, of course. Dinner out? Oh yes. Would like to go up to Jacksonville on the 5th to catch the Merry Widow/Cruxshadows show, but not sure I’ll be able to swing that one.

All in all, life is great. Money is tight, but the bills are paid.

And Avenue Q is some funny shit.

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