Oct 312005

Never before in my time at the bar or on the bench have I ever had to deal with somebody who voluntarily allowed himself to be buggered by a dog on the public highway.

Entire story here.

Quite frankly, I could give a damn if the guy wanted to get special with his dog. Doing it in public probably wasn’t the smartest idea, though. Damn but that’s a hilarious thing to picture a british magistrate saying, though.

Oct 312005

So this morning, with the help of netgoth, I actually got up really early. Early enough to clean the kitchen, make breakfast, have some coffee, browse the web, and have a generally nice morning. I had my shower, shaved, and had A. up and getting ready to go to school. I was going to be to work on time.

Then, at 7:50 AM, A. drops the bomb on me. He doesn’t have his backpack, and he needs it for school. A few frenzied minutes later I rushed him out the door to get it from his Mother’s house. We get there, and the front door is locked. He goes around back, gets in the house, and spends 10 minutes or so searching around.


The mini-van isn’t there, and neither is his dog. The assumption? billified has taken the dog somewhere for a walk. I call his cell phone. Nothing. I leave him a message and take A. back to the house to eat his breakfast and wait for a ride to school. I have a talk with A. about paying attention to this stuff, but tell him that it’s nothing to get too upset over. When he gets out of the car he’s fighting back tears because he made me late for work.


Hell of a way to start the day, no?

Happy Halloween, folks. I’ve had my trick for the day already, thanks. I’d like treats from here on out.

Oct 312005

So…umm….I have, like, two live journal stalkers.

I guess.

There are two accounts out there that are highly inactive, have one or two posts only, and that list me as their only friend. I have left comments to both of them trying to figure out who they are, and gotten no response.

Know the really creepy part?

One of them was created the day before my birthday in 2003, and lists his interests as “art, artistic violence, cattle prods, deviance, murmuring, reading tombstones, violence.” His bio reads, quite simply, “I’ll cut you to pieces.”

Whoo hoo!!! I’ve hit the big time, baby!

Oct 302005

Next Saturday, November 5th, we will be having a party here at Casa De McGreevy to celebrate my 33rd birthday. I’ll be creating an evite and sending out an email to those who may not see this as well. Things will get rolling around 8PM. There will be some booze and some food, but feel free to bring along a dish if it strikes your fancy. Gifts are not required by any means or stretch of the imagination, but I’ll never say no if you wanna gimmie stuff! Crash space can be found if you drink too heavily.

Pretty much it! Come over and celebrate one more year being down the drain!

Oct 252005

Shortly after we started playing this game, netgoth and I started talking about getting cross racial mounts. Neither of our mains were Forsaken, but we both thought their mounts were the coolest in the game. We did some research, and found out that in order to learn the riding skill you had to have Exalted status with the race of your choice. One of our friends at the time who had been playing since Beta informed us that this was an impossible goal, and proceeded to scoff at our dreams of having them. Well, at the time he was right. There really wasn’t a way to grind your faction to Exalted.

But the dream never died.

Then Blizzard changed the rules of the game. The cloth reputation quests were implemented, and it became possible to get another racial mount. Sure, it was a seemingly endless grind of runecloth. But it WAS possible. With a lot of hard work, time, and patience.

All of which I have.

So to our friend who said that I’d never have an undead mount, I have but one thing to say….

Yippie Kai Yay Mother…

Oct 252005

Still haven’t fully decided what I wanna do for the birthday this year. Would like to do the big dinner out thing, but I don’t believe finances will support that. Am thinking of perhaps having a party on the 5th, and maybe inviting the Florida Tainted Legion folks to come over and join in the festivities.

Hrm…decisions, decisions.

I did, however, get an early birthday present from netgoth today. Or I’m going to here shortly after 2PM. I do believe that there will be Warcraft related screenshots up later this evening. Glee!

And speaking of birthdays – Do any of you use event reminder software? I really hate how lax I’ve become in remembering stuff, and I’d like to use something on my computer to help with that. I refuse to use Outlook, and I don’t like the interface of the Palm software. In fact, the UI is what turns me off from most of this stuff. Almost everything I’ve encountered looks and feels like old Windows 3.1 software, and I can’t stand it. What can I say? I like aesthetics.

So I’m looking for a visually pleasing and functionally efficient event reminder program. Help a brother out?

That’s about it. Just a few random thoughts to jot down.

Oct 252005

It is, in a word, beautiful today.

This is truly my favorite time of year, especially now that I work from home. Sitting here at my desk with the windows cracked open, a strong breeze blowing through the house making it almost too cold. A warm cup of coffee. Listening to a mix CD that netgoth made for me. Knowing that my latest project for work is near completion and being proud of the work I’ve put into it.

It’s a wonderful life.

Zuzu Petals!

There are problems in our life. There are always problems. In the grand scheme of things, though, they are inconsequential. Moments like this? They are what make life worth living. Loved ones, good friends, good music, family. These things can make the fear and uncertainty melt away in a heartbeat if you let them.

I hope you’re all having as wonderful of a day out there.